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Resource Nights: ENTRE 440/540

Resource Nights (ENTRE 440/540 Business Plan Practicum), offered throughout winter quarter by the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, bring in experts from the local entrepreneurial community to teach various aspects of creating a startup venture, from idea generation to legal issues to raising capital. Attending Resource Nights (ENTRE 440/540) is a great way to prepare for the Business Plan Competition (BPC), the Environmental Innovation Challenge (EIC), and the Health Innovation Challenge (HIC).

Resource Nights

Thursdays (Winter Quarter)
6-7:50 p.m.
2 credits, Pass/No Pass basis
PACCAR Hall, room 192 (Shansby Auditorium)

Optional class credit

Resource Nights lectures are open to the community, but only UW students may register to take the class for credit. UW students can take Resource Nights for 2 credits by registering for ENTRE 440 (undergraduate) or ENTRE 540 (graduate), Business Plan Practicum. Undergraduate students register as usual. Graduate students email

Resource Nights 2017 Schedule

Resource Nights are open to students and the public. Can’t make it in person? Classes will be streamed live and the links posted below will become active when recording begins. Video of the featured speaker will be posted here the following Monday.

Date Subject/Speakers Topics Recording Links
1/5/17 Introduction
Amy Sallin, Associate Director, Buerk Center, UW
Terry Drayton, CEO, Livible
  • Introduction to key concepts
  • Class outline
  • BPC basics
  • Being an entrepreneur
Click to livestream class session

(link will go live at 6 pm when class begins)

1/12/17 Step 1. Product
Part 1: Your Inspiration—from great ideas to company vision/purpose

Steven Hooper, CEO, Equitabowl/Kigo Kitchen
Jason Sokoloff, Foster Librarian

  • The “ABCs” of company vision
  • Identifying key trends (picking your parade)
  • Filling a gap
Click to livestream class session

(link will go live at 6 pm when class begins)

1/19/17 Part 2: From Idea to Product—validating a real problem/viable solution

Michael Dix, Founder, Intentional Futures

  • Review of product picks–what makes a great idea?
  • Problem/solution–interest and feasibility
  • Getting a team together
Click to livestream class session

(link will go live at 6 pm when class begins)

1/19/17 Science & Technology Showcase/Team Building & Networking Night

Hosted by SEBA and the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship. Great networking and team building opportunity!

Time: 7:00–8:30 pm

Location: Dempsey Hall, room 302 (Anthony’s Executive Forum)


1/26/17 Step 2. Plan
Part 1: Your Playing Field—assessing risks/opportunities you face

Warren Gouk, COO, Limeaide
Laurel Buckner, VP Investments, CGI

  • “3 Cs” of playing field assessment
  • How investors look at risk
  • Using “SWOT” to your advantage
Click to livestream class session

(link will go live at 6 pm when class begins)

2/2/17 Part 2: Your Play—picking your bet/market entry strategy to win

Monty Montoya, CEO, Sightlife

Lincoln Popp & Anders Nilson, Managing Directors, Luxoft

  • What is a Play?
  • Crossing the Chasm
  • Practical approaches to starting/navigating, including bootstrapping
Click to livestream class session

(link will go live at 6 pm when class begins)

2/9/17 Part 3: From Product to Business—business model & financials

Jesse Proudman, CTO, Bluebox Group

Ethan Rudin, CFO, Napster

  • Some surprising business model stories
  • Defining/choosing a business model
  • Estimating basic financials
Click to livestream class session

(link will go live at 6 pm when class begins)

2/16/17 Part 4: From Strategy to Planrolling it out over time

Steven Yentzer, Partner, DLA Piper

Jennie Ellis, Founder, Recruiting Bandwidth

  • Realistic phases for your company
  • Legal–set up, issues, tips
  • HR–right way to put team in place
  • Bootstrapping–first money, first sales, first evidence of success
Click to livestream class session

(link will go live at 6 pm when class begins)

2/23/17 Step 3. Pitch
Part 1: Your logic—formulating the case for your business

Marketing Panel: Adam Sheppard, 8ninths agency; Zach Huntting, Crown Social Agency; BreeAnna Marchitto, Dry Soda Co.; Betsy Sperry, OneDegree Brand Chemistry

  • Positioning “XYZs”
  • Differentiation
  • Messaging “123s”
  • Getting the word out, efficiently
Click to livestream class session

(Unfortunately, the slide deck is unavailable for this recording)

3/2/17 Part 2: Your Presentation—crafting and giving a great pitch

Student pitch contest

  • Fundamentals of a good pitch (“gambit, nutshell, gift”)
  • Investor mindset
  • Friendraising/fundraising
Click to livestream class session

(link will go live at 6 pm when class begins)

3/9/17 Part 3: From Plan to Company—beyond initial success

Christina Lomasney, CEO, Modumetal

Bob McNeel, CEO, McNeel Associates/Rhino 3D

  • Who says the sky is the limit?
  • Class recap and discussion
Click to livestream class session

(link will go live at 6 pm when class begins)

Find a Team for the BPC, HIC, or BPC

Are you a student with a business idea but still need team members? Interested in joining an existing team? Watch the Buerk Center’s Facebook page for upcoming networking events fall and winter quarters. In addition, if you’re a student seeking members for your HIC, EIC, or BPC startup team, or an individual hoping to join a team, check out our Student Entrepreneurship Team Formation site. Create your profile and then check out the Showcase page to browse for a team to join or to find team members.

Q: Do I have to enter the Business Plan Competition if I take ENTRE 440/540 during winter quarter?
A: No, taking ENTRE 440/540 (in winter quarter) does not require you to enter the Business Plan Competition.

Q: Does turning in the class assignment for ENTRE 440/540 enter my idea into the Business Plan Competition?
A: No, the assignment for ENTRE 440/540 is the foundational research you need to help you prepare the executive summary required to enter the Competition.

Q: What is the deadline to enter the Business Plan Competition?
A: The deadline to enter the Business Plan Competition is: Monday, April 3, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

Q: How many credits can I receive for competing in the Business Plan Competition?
A: You can receive up to four credits: two in winter quarter (ENTRE 440/540) for attending the Resource Nights and completing the BOA assignment, and two in spring quarter (ENTRE 440/540) for competing in the Competition. You must make it to the Investment Round (second round) of the Competition in order to receive credit for competing.

Q: What is the difference between ENTRE 440/540 in winter and ENTRE 440/540 in spring?
A: ENTRE 440/540 in winter is for the Resource Nights, which are intended to prepare you for the Business Plan Competition. ENTRE 440/540 in spring is for competing in the competition. If you make it to the Investment Round (second round) of the competition, you are eligible to earn two credits for competing. You can do this even if you did not take ENTRE 440/540 in winter quarter.

Q: Can I defer credit to another quarter?
A: No, you must register for the course and receive credit in the quarter you take it.

If you have additional questions, contact Amy Sallin at or 206-685-9868.