Undergraduate Admissions

We are excited you are interested in joining the Foster School of Business community! There is more than one point of entry to Foster, so use the descriptions below to determine which pathway suits you best.

High School Students (Freshman Direct)

Are you currently in high school and interested in studying business? If so, click here for the scoop on being admitted right out of high school through the Freshman Direct program.

Transfer or Current UW Students

If you are currently enrolled at the University of Washington OR you will be applying to the UW as a transfer student, click here for information on the application and requirements for admission to the Foster School of Business.

International Students

If you are an international student, learn more about how to apply.

Post-Baccalaureate Students

If you already have a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, you are not eligible to apply to the Foster School of Business. Due to extremely high demand for our program from first-time bachelor’s students, we are not currently accepting applications from students looking for a second undergraduate degree (i.e., post-baccalaureate applications).

Application deadlines

Your application deadline depends on the pathway by which you apply to the Foster School.

Pathway Application Deadlines Enrollment Quarter
Freshman Direct* December 1 Autumn quarter
Current UW and transfer students October 5 Winter quarter
April 5 Summer or autumn quarter
* Priority filing date and closing filing date, by which you must submit a UW Freshman Application to UW Office of Admissions—this includes Running Start students. Check UW Office of Admissions’ website for details.