Options of study

With a general Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BABA) degree, students major in business and can either:

  • Design their own area of study and choose from a variety of upper division business electives.
  • Specialize in a predetermined course of study, known as a formal option. Seven options are available: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Information Systems, Marketing, and Operations & Supply Chain Management. Applicants may apply for one option when applying to the undergraduate program.

How to declare an option

Students must meet with an academic adviser for a 30-minute scheduled planning appointment to declare/ add or change a formal option before Period I registration begins. Foster students may declare an option once they are in progress of the final Lower Division Business Core classes (ACCTG 225, MGMT 200 and/or QMETH 201).

Can I declare more than one option?

Yes, students wishing to pursue two options need to make an appointment with an adviser so we can establish a graduation plan. We need to be sure that the student can complete the degree within the satisfactory progress guidelines.

Benefits of declaring an option

Declaring an option gives students priority to register for upper division business electives during period I registration. A formal notation will be added to the academic record (transcript).

What’s the difference between a major, a minor, and an option?

The Foster School offers one major: Business Administration. Students can elect to focus on a formal option, special program, or certificate. Students interested in a double major or double degree should review the Majors and Minors page on UW’s Academic Planning website.

Options of study

Human Resources Management
Information Systems
Operations & Supply Chain Management