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Seattle is home to iconic companies that use the most innovative practices in multinational supply chain management such as Costco, Amazon, Boeing, PACCAR and Starbucks. Whether local or global, there are many possible career paths in supply chain management. In fact, industry insiders expect an additional 1.4 million supply chain jobs by 2018.

Sample supply chain job titles:

Logistics Manager
Purchasing Manager
Distribution Manager
Operations Research Analyst
Supply Chain Manager

Director of Operations
Senior Consultant
Project Manager
Warehouse Operations
Procurement Manager

Career management services are available for Master of Supply Chain students. Our full suite of career services includes individual counseling, career exploration, guidance in seeking positions and establishing an experience portfolio and resume, networking opportunities, and skill development through a variety of workshops and events. The career services staff is here to support you in each phase of your career development.

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…supply chains must continually evolve due to global and industry forces and company-specific strategic decisions… [This program] includes the analytics to make more profitable inventory decisions, strategic awareness to make improved sourcing decisions, and leadership and change management to get the broader organization engaged. Any company that has a supply chain to manage would see significant benefits in hiring students that have completed your program.
Bart HoemannDirector of Operations, Kenworth Australia, PACCAR

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